Path to SaaS Updates/Upgrades

  1. Database changes- If your SaaS upgrades involve DB changes, backing up the database before upgrading is necessary. If something goes wrong during the upgrade you can always fall back to the original state by restoring data.
  2. Sandbox environments- Before rolling out changes directly to the production environment it’s always a good idea to give customers a Sandbox environment where they can review the changes of the new SaaS version. This is accomplished by taking production data and then running the upgrade on it. On successful execution, the client can confirm data and new upgrade changes and give go-ahead for the actual upgrade.
  3. Blue-green deployments: For actual migration, we might want to have a Blue-green deployment model. Your old setup remains as it is when the new upgraded version is live. With a small tweak, you can divert all production traffic to the new version and something goes wrong we can quickly fall back to the old version.
  4. Monitoring the upgraded deployments: The new version of SaaS deployment may have existing or completely new resources. Your upgrade path should consider adding newly created resources under the existing monitoring infrastructure. If this integration with the monitoring ecosystem is automated then it will save you a lot of time during upgrades. Read More
  5. IaC for upgrade process: Some of the upgrade processes may involve the creation of new resources e.g. new servers, assigning new capacity to existing servers, new infrastructure to support blue-green deployments, creating backup pipelines, etc. Having a strong IaC ecosystem will help you to address all these needs. The IaC is also going to reduce the time for upgrades considerably. Read More



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Dipesh Rane

Dipesh Rane

Solutions Architect - I love working with engineering team and keen to learn with them to build innovative products using cutting edge technologies.